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Meet The Team

Co-Founder & Game Director

Jake Davey

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Co-Founder & Creative Director

Jay Topping

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Lead Programmer

Ben Sutherland

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Weforge Studio is the result of two mates taking a leap to create their own game.


In 2012, Jake and I (Jay) met online while playing video games. Although we pursued our individual career paths, in 2021, we discovered that our respective skill sets aligned perfectly with our passion for gaming. After several months of research and conceptualisation, Macabre was born. It wasn't long before Ben joined us as the lead programmer, and we've been diligently working on our dream game ever since.

Art Director

Jake Hempson

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3D Artist/Animator/Generalist

Ahmed Nashabe

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UX / UI Lead

Xueqing Jiang

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    Dr. Xuguang Jia

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    Character Artist

    Ricardo Caixe

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    Junior Game & Narrative Designer

    Rory O'Brien

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    We're fortunate to have connections with many talented individuals from the Games, Film, and Design industries. While we don't have the resources to hire everyone full-time just yet, our friends pitch in whenever they can. This collaboration allows us to elevate Macabre far beyond what we could achieve on our own.

    But we're not alone!

    We aim to become a top-tier game studio renowned for delivering unparalleled experiences. The revenue from Macabre will not only sustain its growth but also fund the inception of future IPs. We're wholeheartedly committed to cultivating a diverse team of artists and developers, and we're excited to champion local talent and fortify Australia's game development industry.

    Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.



    Macabre is just the begining

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