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Playtests, Early Bird Discounts, and Updates!

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“Macabre is going to be quite a lot of fun with its sardonic angle and very specific, not too serious, but still scary overall attitude.”
“Refusing to hold your hand and instead giving you the space to abandon and betray your friends.”
“Macabre features a highly replayable game loop, addictive progression, and the option to play solo or with friends.”
“Macabre wants players to ask themselves whether they need to get out, or risk it all by staying a little longer.”


Macabre blends elements of stealth, horror, and cooperative gameplay.


You will be plunged into an unstable time rift, where you and your friends must navigate infinite timelines, including those of other players.


The goal? To extract valuable resources and escape, all while avoiding detection by the horrifying interdimensional terrors that lurk within the rift.

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A unique blend of atmospheric environments, intelligent monsters, and suspense-filled gameplay.


Macabres' world is meticulously crafted, with detailed environments that will draw you into the unsettling reality of the time rift.


The monsters, inspired by real-world predators, display calculated behaviours and adapt to your actions, creating a constant sense of tension and unpredictability.


The absence of traditional combat mechanics places an emphasis on strategic thinking and resourcefulness, making every decision critical to your survival.


When you first encounter a monster, it assesses your presence, determining whether you are a threat or potential prey.


As the monster becomes more familiar with you, It may become more aggressive, testing your resilience and adaptability. If you repeatedly rely on the same survival strategy, the monster will adapt and deploy alternate behaviours.


You will need to employ perfectly timed distractions, stuns, or even sacrifices to navigate encounters with the creatures.

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We're dedicated to crafting an immersive atmosphere in "Macabre" that keeps players on edge, where every turn could spell doom.


Utilising Unreal Engine 5, we're able to construct detailed and complex environments that vividly realise our dark vision for the game.


This allows us to elevate indie horror gaming by offering an engaging, multi-layered experience that pushes the genre's boundaries.

We're Weforge Studio, a couple of mates from Sydney who decided to mash up our film and audio backgrounds with our love for gaming.


Backed by Screen Australia, you might have seen us featured at events like the PC Gaming Show, Realms Deep, or SXSW Sydney.

We plan to release "Macabre" in stages, starting with an Alpha release set in Snowgum Retreat. The feedback from this phase will shape future updates, including new maps, gear, and terrifying creatures!


Are you keen to get behind the project and be a part of the community that's shaping Macabre? Come on board as a Community INSIDER and jump into our Discord!


Playtests, Early Bird Discounts, and Updates!

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