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Co-Founder & Game Director

Jake Davey

Having acquired significant experience as the audio lead at Blowfish Studios, I have been pivotal in managing and executing various game development projects across multiple platforms, with a focus on interactive audio experiences. As the Game Director at Weforge, I'm hands-on and well-versed in UE5 and all aspects of the game dev pipeline. I am thrilled to lead our team toward delivering, Macabre, a bone-chilling experience that aims to provide challenging yet rewarding gameplay embedded within an immersive and interactive world with moments of laughter and horror.

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Art Director

Jake Hempson

Initially studying graphic design in South Africa, I aimed to break into the field of comic illustration and concept art. After relocating to the UK, I taught myself 3D animation and went on to work on the game "Aliens vs Predator" for Rebellion. With several games under my belt, I transitioned into the role of a 3D generalist for VFX in film and commercials. Now, my focus has shifted back to game development, with a strong desire to specialise in Art Direction. My extensive experience and passion for the industry make me confident in creating visually stunning and engaging gaming experiences.

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3D Artist/Animator/Generalist

Ahmed Nashabe

My passion lies in the art of storytelling through the creation of immersive worlds and characters. With nearly a decade of experience as a multiskilled VFX generalist, I've worked on commercials, television series and feature films such as La Brea, The Wilds, Nine Perfect Strangers, Blacksite, The Boys, and Jungle. I'm proud to have been part of the team responsible for creating the Commonwealth Games mascot, Borobi, and have worked with renowned brands like Audible, Adobe, Netflix, Disneyland Tokyo, Toyota, Kellogg's, and QUT.

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Co-Founder & Creative Director

Jay Topping

As a commercial film director in Sydney, Australia, I have a strong affinity for both technical and comedic styles of work. My love for video games has inspired me to pursue my passion for storytelling and game development. With my skills in directing, I have found that the transition to a creative director role has been a natural fit. Although I still have much to learn, I feel privileged to work alongside talented individuals who share my passion for creating immersive and engaging gaming experiences.

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UX / UI Lead

Emma Jiang

I'm a dedicated lead UX/UI designer with a strong drive to create designs that are user-friendly and accessible. With experience as a senior product designer in tech, I specialize in developing innovative, intuitive user interfaces for a range of software and digital products. When the work day ends, I switch gears and explore the world of AR/VR and video game UX design. I love the challenge of designing immersive digital environments and continuously try to redefine what's possible in video game interactions. I pride myself on attention to detail, a strong commitment to user needs, and the ability to blend creativity with technological expertise.

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    Dr. Xuguang Jia

    I received my Ph.D. from the University of New South Wales and currently study and work on the convergence between creative practice and digital technologies at the UTS Animal Logic Academy.


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    Lead Programmer

    Ben Sutherland

    Based in Melbourne, Australia, I specialise in Unreal Engine development. I have designed and developed a plugin called 'The Flying Navigation System', which efficiently enables AI agents to navigate through complex 3D landscapes within the Unreal Engine. Alongside my programming work, I am pursuing a biochemistry degree with a deep interest in mathematics, physics and philosophy. Ultimately, my passion lies in storytelling, whether it's exploring the world, ourselves or the complexities of humanity in the vast universe.

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    Character Artist

    Ricardo Caixe

    Starting my 3D career in architecture, I honed my skills in producing props and environments for indie game studios and developers worldwide. However, my true passion was always in character design, particularly for monsters and creatures. Over time, I transitioned into becoming a dedicated character artist, where I have been creating terrifying monstrosities for games ever since. 


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    Studio Dog & Vibe lead

    Ernie Pickles

    Woof woof!

      Weforge is an independent game studio based in Sydney, Australia, founded with the goal of supporting our debut title, Macabre. Our team of experienced professionals have worked on a range of notable projects in games, VFX, cinema, and advertising, giving us the skills and expertise to deliver first-class visuals in real-time. 

      We're committed to building and maintaining a reputation as a premiere studio, and we continue to develop and create new IP to offer high-quality solutions across all aspects of interactive screen media in Australia.

      About Us

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