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I currently work as a commercial film director in Sydney, Australia. I love technical and comedic style work and have always been a massive fan of video games. A few years back, I realised my passion for storytelling and my love for video games were the perfect foundation to work on my own game. While I still have plenty to learn, much of my skills in directing translate perfectly into a creative director role and I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by so many talented people.

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Jay Topping

Meet the Team

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I have demonstrated experience in game development as an audio lead responsible for managerial and executional tasks within an established game development studio, where I worked and contributed to numerous video game titles across many genres on multiple platforms. My speciality is in interactive audio experiences. I'm very passionate about all facets of game development and design. Through crafting memorable player interactions with unique mechanics and gameplay, I'm eager to witness the fear Macabre will instil in its player base.

Jake Davey

Co-Founder & Game Director

I'm a programmer from Melbourne, Australia, specialising in Unreal Engine development. I developed a plugin for the Unreal Engine, 'The Flying Navigation System', which allows AI agents to navigate through 3D landscapes efficiently. Outside of programming, I'm studying a degree in biochemistry but also enjoy mathematics, physics and philosophy. Ultimately, I'm all about telling stories - of the world, ourselves, and humanity in the universe.

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Ben Sutherland

Lead Programmer

Weforge is an independent game studio based in Sydney, Australia. The studio was founded to support our debut title, Macabre. We aim to build up and earn a reputation as a premiere studio and continue to develop and create new IP to o er high-quality solutions in all aspects of interactive screen media here in Australia. 

About Us


I originally studied graphic design in South Africa, then moved to the UK, aiming to get into comics illustration/concept art. I wound up teaching myself 3D/animation, working on the "Aliens vs Predator" game for Rebellion. Several games later, I came to OZ and transitioned into a 3D generalist for VFX in film and commercials. I now have my eye set on game development, specialising in Art Direction.

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Jake Hempson

Art Director

I began my 3D career in architecture, where I produced props and environments for indie game studios and developers around the globe. My true passion was always for characters, particularly monsters and creatures. Over the years, I transitioned into a character artist and have been making terrifying monstrosities ever since.

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Ricardo Caixe

Character Artist

Woof woof!

Ernie Pickles

Studio Dog & Vibe lead
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