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Weforge Development Podcast #01: Inception, Challenges, and Vision for Macabre


We're excited to bring you our very first Weforge Studio podcast episode! Join Jay and Jake, the creative forces behind Macabre and Co-Fonders of Weforge Studio, as they guide you through the inception, development, and vision of their debut game, Macabre.

Key Highlights:

  1. Birth of Weforge Studio: Learn how Jay and Jake's shared passion for gaming and creativity blossomed into the establishment of Weforge Studio amidst extensive lockdowns of the pandemic.

  2. Crafting the World of Macabre: Delve into the creation of Banjo, a character intricately designed to balance mystery and guidance, and how he fits into the broader narrative of Macabre.

  3. Gameplay Dynamics and Vision: Explore the core gameplay of Macabre, focusing on player agency, stealth, and a multiplayer experience that fosters both teamwork and strategy.

  4. Overcoming Challenges: Gain insights into the initial challenges of founding a game studio, from establishing legal frameworks to assembling a dedicated team, and how perseverance and community support have been instrumental in our journey.

  5. Looking Ahead: Get a glimpse of our aspirations for Macabre as we discuss our ambition to evolve it from a game into a universe rich with diverse narratives and gameplay possibilities.

If you have questions you'd like us to answer next time, drop them in the comments.

Thank you all for your support, we hope you enjoy the first episode!

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